With TRIGON® XL’s smart modular concept the boiler can be disassembled for easy on site handling. This also allows the boiler to be easily installed into buildings with restricted access. In combination with its lightweight construction the boiler fits perfectly into rooftop installations.

TRIGON XL modular 06
TRIGON XL modular 05
Easy on site disassembling into piece parts.
Smart and modular
TRIGON XL modular 04
Easy integration into buildings, even with restricted access.
Smart and modular
TRIGON XL modular 03
Modular concept allows transportation by standard elevator.
Smart and modular
TRIGON XL modular 02
Easy on site assembly without requirement for special tools.
Smart and modular
TRIGON XL modular 01
Best boiler for challenging commercial applications. Due to low running weight, also perfectly suitable for rooftop installations.

Smart and modular

Easy transportation and set up

The boiler is supplied with cargo wheels, which allows easy on site maneuvering. After positioning, the boiler can be levelled and lifted from the wheels by adjusting the feet.

Trigon XL compact dimensions en

Compact dimensions

The range comprises 7 models with 2 widths which are designed to pass through standard 760 mm wide doors.

Flexible configurations

The inspection glass and ignition electrode can be fitted on either side of the boiler, allowing a more flexible boiler positioning on site.

Simple commissioning

An integrated flue gas damper and rear flue connection provides an installer-friendly arrangement.