TRIGON® XL’s stunning flexibility sets a new standard for commercial applications. A 8 bar maximum water pressure and 30 K flow/return temperature differential allows easy integration in complex systems, both in single and cascade applications.

Trigon XL performance range

Performance classes

The TRIGON® XL boiler range comprises 7 models in outputs from 150 kW to 570 kW.

Comprehensive control features

A clear text display with integrated master-slave cascade functionality (up to 8 boilers) makes commissioning simple. Plus, an upgraded module capacity provides straightforward connections for additional heating zones, solar system or external heat sources.

Wider applications

With an 8 bar maximum water pressure, the boiler is compatible with higher buildings without the need for hydraulic system separation. Plus, a 30 K flow/return temperature differential allows easier integration with district heating systems while maintaining optimum efficiency.

Trigon XL low running weight

Lightweight construction

By utilizing low water content technology, the boiler can be easily installed on a rooftop – while also delivering superb response times and reduced running costs.