TRIGON® XL – Compact, powerful performance for commercial applications

The TRIGON® XL represents a significant step forward in heating technology. With extremely flexible configurations, clever design and a wide range of models available, the boiler is perfect for a variety of commercial applications. It is time to discover the next generation of floor standing boilers.

Trigon XL efficiency Icon


TRIGON® XL – designed for challenging environments. Its advanced burner design makes TRIGON® XL the most technologically advanced and best performing unit on the market. In combination with a stainless steel heat exchanger built for challenging working conditions, TRIGON® XL is specifically designed for optimised efficiency and performance during is entire lifetime.

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With TRIGON® XL’s smart modular concept the boiler can be disassembled for easy on site handling. This also allows the boiler to be easily installed into buildings with restricted access. In combination with its lightweight construction the boiler fits perfectly into rooftop installations.

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TRIGON® XL’s stunning flexibility sets a new standard for commercial applications. A 8 bar maximum water pressure and 30 K flow/return temperature differential allows easy integration in complex systems, both in single and cascade applications.

TRIGON® XL’s robust and corrosion free stainless steel heat exchanger is built for challenging working conditions, offering superb heat transfer and constant high efficiencies of up to 110 % during its entire lifecycle.

Stainless steel laser welded fin tubes made by advanced robot laser welding technology minimise heat losses between tube and fin. This guarantees the highest possible heat transfer from the extended heat exchanger surface vs. plain tubes.