TRIGON® XL – designed for challenging environments. Its advanced burner design provides the most technologically advanced and best performing unit on the market. In combination with a stainless steel heat exchanger built for challenging working conditions, TRIGON® XL is specifically designed for optimised efficiency and performance during its entire lifetime.

Unique premix-burner system

A fully modulating, watercooled cold flame burner utilises a one-of-a-kind technology to provide reliable and robust performance.

Trigon XL heat exchanger low nox

Low emissions

The watercooled cold flame burner and the optimised combustion zone achieve extremely low NOx and CO emissions, which already comply with NOx class 6 requirements.

Lifetime high efficiency

By combining the unique premix-burner/heat exchanger system with the optimised controls, TRIGON® XL provides impressive lifetime high efficiencies of up to 110 %.

Stainless steel laser welded fin tube

Advanced robot laser welded technology minimises heat losses between tube and fin, guaranteeing superb heat transfer from the extended heat exchanger surface.

Trigon XL water cooled combustion chamber close up

Water cooled combustion chamber

A carefully engineered hydroforming process fixes the cooling tubes inside the sidewalls, providing the highest possible thermal output.